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  • Grandfather’s paradox

    Grandfather’s paradox

    Grandfather’s paradox By Kumar L It had taken me two decades, but I was ready now. I was going to solve the greatest paradox in time travel. If I went back in time and killed my own grandfather, then I would not have been born. And if I have never been born, then how can I go back in time and kill my grandfather. So my grandfather will remain alive;…Read More »
  • Iron Heart

    Iron Heart

    He moved in the shadows. No one could see him but that did not mean he was invisible. He was too lowly to be tracked by the council. As long as he kept to his regular path and did...Read More »
  • Twist Break Throw

    Twist Break Throw

    The first day on a new job is the toughest they’d told her and she had thought she was prepared. Arriving early at the processing stations, she’d been scanned in and assigned to level 4.Read More »