Anukriti Malik

Anukriti Malik
4.0 out of 5 stars
Indian Sci-Fi .. loved it !
7 December 2017
I was not a sci-fi fan until I read this book and I loved it.
Firstly, it was overwhelming feeling to see a female protagonist in an “Indian science fiction novel.” (+1 for this)
For me , understanding technological stuff is quite a task but Kumar made sure that the writing stays lucid yet grasping and hooks you to the book. The chapters are kept short which I liked because you can pick the book again anytime and read without turning back to the pages to see where you left.
The book really gives you insight, despite being a pure fiction piece of how crew members work and the tensions that level up during an invasion. The book had me on the edge quite a few times.
What was a little screwing for me was the shift in story line from present to past and vice-versa but at the end I realised that it was important to do so , to understand the characters in a better way.
Highly recommenced.
I can’t wait for the next part. (YASSSSSS)