4.0 out of 5 stars
10 March 2018

My rating : 4.6/5
We humans have always been curious about space. Which is what we are surrounded by. And seeking for answers like, whether we are alone in the universe or not? How did we get here? If we are not alone then how to find the others? And what is their origin story? Well, this novel is about all these damn things. In the near future, people on earth finally receive an answer to their questions. An SOS distress signal is received by the Indian astronomers and they finally get to bottom of this. By using advance tech humans have been exploring the solar system for years; from our moon to the moon of Jupiter. Humans decide to go to search for alien life via their Advanced technology that they have been working for years on, the spaceship “Antariksha”, the huge and massive spaceship which travels in light-year speed . They finally took off to the oblivion to answer the question ” are we alone?” and they find some shocking truths and more than one answer for the question.

This book is filled with space adventures, space fights and some twist endings. You must read this book! totally recommended. I can say that this novel is the first ever Indian sci-fi novel which I read whilst holding my breath, and flipping pages. The author filled this book with so much romanch you can feel it through your fingertips while taking this book in your hands to read. My favorite character is captain Anara, she is a strong and fascinating woman, under her guidance and decisions the whole crew survives. It almost feels like we are floating in space with them. The story is amazingly woven. And how we get surprised in the end is my favorite part.
After some chapters will raise so many questions that you will beg for answers about these little mysteries. This book is now one of my favourite sci-fi books. This book was written amazingly and people of all ages can read this book.
It is amazing how author peels the layer of story that is wrapping around us, building mystery and answering questions and that damn cliffhanger, makes me wonder what happens next. Cover art is so beautiful and pretty. This book is full of vivid vocabulary and amazing writing style.
In conclusion all I am saying is, this book is worth your precious time.

KumarL thank you for this adventurous and fascinating sci-fi novel. Can not wait to read the second part of book.
Yes, you heard me right. There is a second part and you have to read that too, because author will not fail to give us another adventure.