5.0 out of 5 stars
the book kept me hooked
1 December 2018

The book starts with Captain Anara of the spaceship “Antariksh” reaching for the nearest star to earth Proxima Centauri to trace the exact source and reason of an extraterrestrial signal reaching out for Earth and the story rolls into details of the spacecraft and technological parts of it and artificial intelligence. however, that being said the most amazing part was the meeting of humans and aliens it was really out of the world.

the author talked a lot about technology has given the fact the book is a sci-fi but it didn’t drag or bore me even for a moment. the space journey and lives of each n every character has been carved out beautifully and they all are in a sync with each other and the author maintained it throughout his book.

on a short note, I didn’t find any glitches in this book and enjoyed reading till its last page and looking forward to reading its part 2.