Pandey V

Pandey V
5.0 out of 5 stars
Engrossing and Compelling
7 February 2018

I am not a regular Sc-Fi reader but the plot has intrigued me to finish the book in less than 48 hours.It is engrossing and addictive and forces you to read it in one shot.
The plot is breaking all stereotypes and taking you beyond imaginations.
Writer has developed a unique way of taking readers back and forth from past and future which helps to connect the dots well.
On one hand the story has imagination of future and discovery of new life in the outer universe side by side it tells the story of a leader who is fighting her own battle but marshalled her resources very well against all odds of space Odyssey.
The way operation processes and routines have been described in the plot shows author’s glimpse of expertise in this field.
The story also vividly brings the conflict between Humans and AI even in future though there are certain codes of conduct.
The plot seems to be well researched and provide scientific justifications of incidents and events be it validation of orignal signals from ET,The Jump experience or the reasons for setting giant telescope in Proxima rather than Centauri.

To sum it up the story is very well crafted cross the female protagonist while giving flvors of personal traits of the leader.It also put the point forward that Hunger for Power is not limited to Humans…..
With this I am eagerly waiting for the next Odyssey.