A great short read with unexpected endin•••BOOK REVIEW•••
‘8 Down From Saharanpur By Saurabh( Kumar L )
I have read the author’s previous book Earth to Centauri and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it!
This book is a collection of 6 short stories; stories that deals with lots of human aspects and values.
1) ‘An Eye For An Eye’ : deals with love, betrayal, revenge, greed.
2) ‘Bread, Eggs and My Plan’ : tell us about the importance of simplicity and little things in our life. It shows how things turn out in things we least expect!
3) ‘Shadows and Silence’ : deals with loss and poverty.
4) ‘8 down From Saharanpur’ : a dash of patriotism and nationalism.
5) ‘The Warrior’: touching the aspect of divinity.
6) Shaapit: The ‘Cursed’: it’s about apocalypse of zombie and adventures!
These story touches topics like love, revenge, British rule , adventures with some unexpected endings! I must say the ending will make you crave for more.
In my opinion, short stories need to be engaging which this book have it.
The narration and Writing is nice and lucid. After every story you will take a moment to process the ending and then you will flip the page for more!
It is a one sitting read. I have completed this book in one hour but the impact of the stories going to be with me for a long time!