8 Down From Saharanpur

8 Down From Saharanpur

Nine striking stories with delicious twists and unexpected turns: some dark, a few humorous and two which are absolutely terrifying.

A woman discovers that her father had been murdered and sets out to get her revenge. Is revenge a dish best served cold?

The promise of a regular working day is turned upside down: envy, desire, anger & hope struggle for dominance in his heart.

1925, British India – a young boy witnesses a train robbery, and the birth of a revolution.

A soulless psychopath follows a mystical book, leaving bodies in her wake. What is the price Kish will pay to stop her?

A subtle retelling of a mythological tale. He will finally meet his savior joining the war against evil thus fulfilling His destiny.

The story of a family caught in the middle of a zombie invasion. Will the living dead claim their own?

A con artist, a spurned wife, a few crooks – the perfect setting for a double cross.

A unique mix of stories from the author of the science fiction book series – Earth to Centauri.

Available in Hindi 8 Down Saharanpur Passenger

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