Deceptions Of Tomorrow

Deceptions Of Tomorrow

Human rights for robots! Time travel chaos! Black holes at the centre of our galaxy! These stories will entertain you, opening your mind to the possibilities of science and the future.

As Artificial Intelligence evolve with time, will we face a robot revolution? If it becomes possible to travel through time, what will be the result? Will we be able to change the past? And, of course, black holes – those barely understood, never seen, immensely powerful entities – can we harness their power for good or evil? Understand Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics and read stories about the impact of these laws on the society of the future.

These laws aim to protect humans from robots. But what about the rights of the robots and other ‘Artificial Intelligence’ which humans will create in the future? Do they deserve, and should they be eligible for the same rights as humans? Read on and find out!

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