Children's Mystery Series - Junior Detectives: Book #1


A Sleepy Village, Strange Symbols, An Ancient Secret

Can the youngest detectives in town solve the secret behind the mysterious happenings in the village of Kensar?

When Aman is sent to his Aunt Nalini’s home to rid him of his addiction to video games, he expects it to be the most boring summer vacation ever.

But when things go ‘thump’ in the night, the water in the village lake turns yellow, and strange symbols are discovered in the unlikeliest of places, he realises that there is more to Kensar than meets the eye.

Together with his new friends, Sandy and Isha, and his dog Oscar, Aman must discover the secrets of Kensar. But a nighttime exploration goes horribly wrong and they find themselves trapped. Will their wits and courage be enough to save the Junior Detectives?

A new young adult mystery from the author of the book series Earth to Centauri.

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